Planning your Nutrition

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Nutrition is the main component in achieving your goals – whether it be fat-loss, muscle gain or health. When combined with the correct training program it can be responsible up to 80 percent of your results. It is essential within any client journey so we offer full nutrition coaching for every client

Have you spent a lifetime dieting jumping from one fad to the next – here at Sarah Brookes Personal Training Bournemouth we believe that Nutrition should become a lifestyle – educating and giving you knowledge to transform your eating habits to reach your goals and maintain them.

Introducing good nutrition should become a long-term solution to enable you to stop searching for the next quick fix – a “diet” always has an end date usually seen as something to endure and get through – here we ask can you keep this up for the long term? if you cant answer yes you need to look at the nutrition plan you currently have in place or you will soon fall off the wagon and be back on the “yoyo diet cycle”.

Your nutrition solution needs to be able to give you results in 4 weeks, 4 months and even 4 years later – those changes need to become habits and be sustainable – with the right advice you will soon see that healthy eating can be easy and enjoyable.

We use real food for real results. At Sarah Brookes Personal training we show you exactly how to make nutrition personal to you, and we do this by coaching you, after an in-depth consultation and fully understanding your individual’s goals and lifestyle, we build a perfect dietary plan to ensure you will reach the best results in a specific time. This can be a different approach for each client as everyone has individual preferences and what works for one may not work for another.

Nutrition is often the hardest part for clients so you can be reassured that you will always be receive full support and coaching – we are available for advice whenever you need it in-person or via text, email or Skype where we can discuss your questions.

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