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Find out why business men and women in Bournemouth come to Sarah Brookes for their health and fitness needs.

Personal Trainer Sarah Brookes in Bournemouth

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Are you feeling:- exhausted * low energy * overweight * stressed * tired * unhappy * unsexy * frustrated?
Has your libido got up and run away & your middle age spread taken over your body?

Are you:- desk bound * lacking in time * have no idea how or what to do to get your old self back again? * confused by what option to choose? *intimidated by Arnie style PT’s?

Do you wish your shirt buttons didn’t pop open & your waist size wasn’t increasing by the week and that you could just look in the mirror and be happy with the person staring back at you?

At Sarah Brookes Personal training in and around Bournemouth, motivation is key. We believe that anyone no matter current age, size or ability can get into the best shape ever. We understand how your current lifestyle has left you feeling demotivated and lethargic. We make fitness and nutrition fun and easy for the busy working man who does not have the time or inclination to join a busy, crowded gym. Flexible training locations are available – either train at Sarah’s home studio, let her come to your office, get into dynamic online sessions or bring along a small group of friends, family or colleagues!

How Can We Help?

For a busy guy time is of the essence! Sarah’s workouts are designed to only use body weight or minimal equipment when required. Lasting around 20 – 40 minutes to get outstanding results beats slogging away to the same dull routine at the gym!

To really keep you motivated and achieve perfect pecs and abs, there is unrivalled coaching, support and advice all the way, daily if you like! Diet & nutrition planning to suit a busy lifestyle will make sure you achieve your transformation! Now choose which training style is best suited for you and lets get started!

Working together however suits you best to get you fit and healthy and get lasting results:

1-2-1 personal training

Small group/paired training

Online coaching programs

Nutrition coaching and advice

Kettlebell training

Corrective exercise

Client Transformations

Sarah Brookes Personal Training in & around Bournemouth, Dorset & Hants has helped many busy guys just like you achieve the body, health, confidence & self esteem they thought was not possible and helped them become fit, happy, strong & sexy individuals. You deserve to be your very best and can achieve goals you never dreamed possible!! Call me now to get your transformation started!

I have been with Sarah for over 12 months now, the training has been positive with support and constant guidance. When I first went to see Sarah I was over weight, constantly tired, I had poor sleeping habits and on the wrong side of the health and fitness curve. Sarah has helped me to change my diet, increase my fitness and improve my overall quality of life. Sarah is not only a Personal Trainer but a very good friend who is always there with support and guidance. If you are serious about fitness, diet and improving your lifestyle please speak to Sarah.

Colin Beel

Personal Trainer Bournemouth

Hi, I’m Sarah. Let me help you make fitness fun and part of your lifestyle, to educate and to make lasting changes to help you become the very best that you can be! Getting YOUR perfect body and feeling confident doesn’t need to be a daunting task, with Sarah Brookes, Personal Trainer Bournemouth it will become an exciting journey and I’ll be alongside you all the way!