Client Testimonials and References

We believe we are the most passionate and dedicated personal trainers in Bournemouth!

I have been with Sarah for over 12 months now, the training has been positive with support and constant guidance. When I first went to see Sarah I was over weight, constantly tired, I had poor sleeping habits and on the wrong side of the health and fitness curve. Sarah has helped me to change my diet, increase my fitness and improve my overall quality of life. Sarah is not only a Personal Trainer but a very good friend who is always there with support and guidance.

If you are serious about fitness, diet and improving your lifestyle please speak to Sarah.


From the very first time I met Sarah she created an atmosphere that made it so easy to trust her and to know that she is really there to help. She is clear and concise in her approach and she will do everything she can to achieve your goals. At the same time she makes it very clear that they are your goals and hence your responsibility to achieve them without even for a moment being patronising about it.

Sarah is a true motivator. Her approach is holistic and she understands perfectly that it’s not just the physical exercise that matters. She has an excellent way of knowing when the mind needs some exercise as well and in that sense she is a complete coach rather than ‘just’ a trainer.
It’s very easy to trust Sarah because she is honest, open, direct and approachable without being intimidating, condescending or arrogant. Sarah’s first priority is your wellbeing. I lost 5 stone in 6 months and it was hard work. Thanks to not only physical exercise but also the change to healthy eating and working on a sound mind I have achieved this. It would have been absolutely impossible to have done this without Sarah’s coaching.


“I have always had my doubts about Personal Trainers but I have to say having had Sarah to get my husband, myself & our daughter into shape for our fantastic holiday to the Maldives has really changed my mind.

After only a few months I was astounded at our achievements, we both dropped at least a clothes size and I havent been so toned in years!

Sarah gives us energetic workouts but is full of encouragement, we are thrilled with our results and would highly recommend Sarah to anyone!

Gerry and Roo

Adolfo came to me for help with his back problems, he was in the UK for 6 months to learn english and when we started training spoke very little english at all, which just proves that anything is possible.

I worked together with his chiropractor and managed to get him back to full health, fitter and stronger than before – he also lost weight in the process.

He is now back in Columbia with a leaner and stronger body and with almost fluent english.

“I feel like a new man”


Does sarah make you happy? Yes – if you follow what she says – it really works.

Seriously I was in a bad way with a shelf for books see pic 1. Sarah’s combination of sensible food plans and graded but intense exercise regimes really do sort you out!

I was sceptical and ready to be really miserable through the process but Sarah’s personality is an ideal combination with an absolute comprehensive knowledge that motivates and works.

Not only did it work but it was fun too. I no longer have a shelf and having lost 2 stone am well on the way to sorting the third.

(Dave even went back to the same holiday destination for his after picture)

Dave lost 2 stone 9lbs (37lbs) and 44 inches in just 14 weeks


Mark came to me needing to pass his TA fitness tests – he worked full time in London when not being deployed for any duties and managed to train 3 times a week often turning up and falling asleep outside in his car prior to a session – this is where I realised that anyone with a desire to change can achieve great things, Mark managed to totally pass his tests with flying colours, lost weight, improved his posture and increased his energy and zest for life whilst carrying out a full time job and serving for our country.

He enjoyed being pushed to achieve his goals without being shouted at – a change from his past military training and learnt a lot of about changing his diet to help him function at a higher level.


Si was given training sessions with me by his wife (also a client) for his birthday, this was met with mixed reactions – A keen cricketer I think he had other ideas and so wasn’t the most receptive to starting on his training plan, we focused on improving his posture and strength and fitness levels to better his cricket skills and he started enjoying the training and made great progress, whilst losing inches and improving his health and fitness levels.

The main benefit was a change to his posture as the photo clearly shows. After his birthday sessions ended he carried on training with his wife in joint sessions as training had now become a part of his life.


Personal Trainer Bournemouth

Hi, I’m Sarah. Let me help you make fitness fun and part of your lifestyle, to educate and to make lasting changes to help you become the very best that you can be! Getting YOUR perfect body and feeling confident doesn’t need to be a daunting task, with Sarah Brookes, Personal Trainer Bournemouth it will become an exciting journey and I’ll be alongside you all the way!