Guest blog from Brent Cameron at Fitness with Animal

It’s 6:00pm. It’s been months since you had a day like this. It has been this mentally or emotionally draining in a long time. You are dog tired. You are hungry. The last thing you want to do is go to the Gym and push some weights around. Forget about setting a new PR (Personal Record)…that is simply out of the question.

Who here has had a day like this? I have and I am sure you have too. This might sting, but if you have not experienced days like this, then you are not in the Gym enough. I have never met a dedicated lifter who told me that they walked into the Gym every single day with boundless energy, and lifting excitement. Former Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, was a full time cop for the first 10 years of his bodybuilding career. I am fully confident that there were days when he was exhausted from a 10-12 hour shift as an Arlington police officer. Do you think he ever said, I am too tired to get my lift on, I’ll skip today. No way! I would bet all of the money in my bank account that and he made sure to hit those weights, regardless of how he “felt” about it.

I’ve struggled profoundly with this problem, and hopefully you have too. So what’s the answer? I wish I could tell you that there was a magic pill to immediately fix this mental block for you. I also wish that all you had to do was just suck it up and it will all work out. Unfortunately there is no magic wand anybody can waive and get you super pumped about getting into the Gym. Have faith, my fellow enthusiastic Lifters! There is some light at the end of this Fitness tunnel. I am going to share a couple strategies that I use to get my workouts done, even after I am beat and tired myself. I know these metal tricks work, because I use them all the time.

1) Just Show Up. This is one of the very first things I teach everyone I personally train in the Gym. It is also the very thing that gets me into the Gym, when that darn sofa and ice cream start calling my name at the end of the day. You see, I read a lot of biographies about successful people. I also read a ton of Personal Development books. Both of these book genres teach strategies that help me be as successful as possible. Out of all of the nuggets of wisdom I have learned from my readings, “Just being present” is one of the top 5 ideas. I try to implement this concept on a daily basis. Just show up, and you are literally there, wherever that is. Once you show up and are physically in the Gym, it is almost impossible not to “be present.” This is especially true after you have weight in your hands. Once you put real weight on your body, you will absolutely have to “be present” in that situation, or you might get seriously injured. So the moral of the story is that all you have to do to be successful in the Gym is just walk through those doors. Once you are there, it would feel silly to turn around and walk out. So when going to the Gym is the very last thing you want to do, just make a pact with yourself and show up. The rest will be Lifting history!

2) Give yourself a very Specific Time Frame. This is also a Lifting trick I utilize quite often. Give yourself a very specific time frame to either finish your workout or physically leave the Gym without having finished your workout. Do not let the time frame be broad or random like, “An hour or two.” Strangely enough, the shorter that time frame is, the more focused your lifting session will be. Try this trick…I promise it will blow your mind!

Now how long is too short or too long? Well let’s be realistic, 5 minutes is absurdly short, but 2 hours is far too long. So if you are seriously not feeling like hitting the weights, shoot for 15-25 minutes. Think about the last time you skipped a workout. What if you would have “Just Showed Up,” and given yourself a maximum time of 20 minutes to be done or get the heck out of there. Would you have subconsciously given into the “just do it” mindset and gone to the Gym and gotten your Lift on? The most likely answer…Yes! I literally go through this exact process at least 2 times a week. I have a perfect and convenient example. Right now as I type, I am dead tired from a long day of training Amazing Clients. I have already ridden my bike 6 miles today too. The last thing I want to do is get in my car and drive to that damn Gym. To be brutally honest, there is a very real chance of me not going downstairs to start my car, because I still have so much online Fitness work to do tonight. The ONLY thing that is going to get me in that car and to the Gym is knowing that once I step foot on that Gym floor I will be leaving exactly 25 minutes later. Even if I don’t finish, I am out of there!

That was last night and Yes I did get my workout done, and it was only for 25 minutes. It wasn’t a phenomenal lifting session, but it was good enough, and I am leaner for it:) Give it a shot! Shoot for 25-45 minutes and see what happens.

There you have it. I hope those strategies help you on your Fitness Journey. If you have any questions please check out my website at or email me at and I wish you all the very best Lifts & Health!!!