As a personal trainer in Bournemouth, I’ve found that in a world of executive pressure and ever increasing waist lines, corporate stress is an issue high on the agenda. Whether it’s the pressure of dealing with tight budgets or preparing for the next board meeting, jetting off around the world on endless business trips or entertaining clients with calorie laden meals out – executive stress can have a negative impact on your performance, decisions and focus. I asked some of my most successful clients why they chose me to help them improve their health.
In today’s competitive marketplace, stress suffered by key executives and CEOs can lead to underperformance, lack of motivation, procrastination and lack of stamina and concentration. Worse still, this pressure will affect much more than personal achievement; ultimately the efficiency and development of the whole company can be compromised.

Stress is a response to a perceived risk that is either real or imagined. Over 75% of GP visits are stress or back pain related. In fact, stress has been strongly linked with many ailments such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, allergies, backache, skin disorders, anxiety, headaches and migraines. Add to this a sedentary lifestyle outside of work and a diet rich in saturated fat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol you can see that the average high flying business man or chief executive is living on the edge on a daily basis – Stress that is allowed to form within a corporate environment can lead to ‘executive burnout’ and worse still medical complications that can be a serious threat to your life.

There are however many simple solutions that can be implemented to protect your psychological health and wellbeing. By giving you the tools you need to perform effectively under pressure, you can help deal with the stress and poor lifestyle choices, be more positive, productive and committed, and transform your life into an energised and healthy existence.

A common factor amongst this sector is poor time efficiency – you just do not have the hours available to make the right choices let alone fit an exercise training program into the equation – successful businessmen have climbed their ladder with a strong team behind them – business coaches, marketing experts, accountants etc so of course it makes sense to add a dedicated fitness professional to your team – a personal health coach/trainer can provide the knowledge to fit in with the demands of the clients lifestyle – training sessions via skype when travelling or lunchtime office breaks– the right meal choices when dining out – meal delivery systems to ensure correct nutrition at every meal without even leaving your desk., even accompanied travel if desired. Sleep, supplementation and relaxation are all taken into account beginning with an informal one-on-one assessment of the needs of the individual, taking into account the clients business & home requirements. The individual’s goals can be achieved through my carefully designed series of questions in order to fully understand any issues that you are experiencing and the correct solutions applied. Surprisingly to me also a common answer was that the 40 something man didn’t want a young muscle bound vest top wearing “Arnie” flexing their biceps and their shakes at them so I seemed to cross that divide and offer exactly what they needed whilst making them feel comfortable and non-intimidated.

Bottom line hiring a personal coach/trainer will improve your life, health, happiness and business.